Julian del Campo

Raised in Metro Detroit and Santiago Chile, I fell in love with furniture design and manufacturing after studying in Denmark at the Royal Academy of Architecture in 2011, and have been pursuing that dream ever since.


After receiving a BFA in Industrial Design from Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, and working for a prominent sustainable furniture design firm in Rochester,  I moved back to Detroit to be part of a greater movement to bring back manufacturing in a responsible and ethical way.


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I believe we can change our economy and our quality of life with the product choices we make every day: we buy local, sustainably grown produce to support our farmers and for fresher, better quality food; we drink locally brewed beer because it is tasty and we are proud of it.


I also believe that if we are not more careful with the health of our planet, our children will not be able to enjoy the world as we have.


That is why I offer a product that is good to our planet, leverages our local businesses, and is affordable through good design.

The Process

I spend countless hours researching, sketching, day dreaming, nightmaring, prototyping and designing a single object.

I source all my materials and processes from local businesses, almost all of them mom & pop shops.

They include All Cote Coating, Federal Pipe, Tri-Star Steel, Pontiac Steel, American Integrated Supply, and others.

The whole design process, from concept to final product, may take a year or more. I use that time to distill an object into its most basic forms and functions, while also heavily considering for ease of manufacture and user friendliness.

In the end, I make every piece by hand in my shop in Pontiac. Currently I am looking for a very affordable shop space in Detroit.